AWESOME League of Legends SKIN PICS!


Feeling spunky, so today 2 posts! Woot! I’ve decided to post pictures of my favorite skins!

Comment and let me know if you agree with my favorite skins, have some you want to add? Post a pic of them in the comment box below!



Nurse Akali! (If only ALL healthcare professionals looked like that!)

Officer Caitlin! (She can pull me over anytime..!)

Cotton Tailed Teemo! (A little guy dressed in a bunny suit trying to kill you, win!)

BROlaf! (You totally wanna party with this guy!)

Gragas Esq! (A true “BAMF” and he drinks good liquor too!)

Sun Goddess Karma! (She’s tan, tall and deadly!)

Ghostly Gangplank! (A great Halloween themed skin, or for anytime of year!)


Hello all, we’re baaaaacccckkkkkk! :) Just in time for the holidays too!

So this post seemed to be fairly popular, understandable I just love looking at the different skins too! Now, down to business and let’s look at some more amazing skins!


Pool Party Ziggs! (Shout out to my “high-five-buddy” Ud1eByTh3B3ast, I know you love this guy!) Just think, one splash, and you’re done for! ;)


Sinful Succulence Morganna! (She looks sweet enough to eat, but her food on the other hand….)


Corporate Mundo! (Yikes, imagine if that was your boss!)


Muse Sona! (Takin’ names as a support, all without wearing a bra!)  ;)


Candy Cane Miss Fortune! (Have you been Naughty or Nice?)


Hyena Warwick! (He’ll laugh and laugh until he kills you… and then laughs some more!)


Earthrune Skarner! (Most amazingly, disgusting creature I’ve ever seen!)


That’s all for this edition folks! 

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